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    Best Enclosed Car Shipping Services In The Industry!

    enclosed auto transport services by ASWD

    One of the decisions people have to make when choosing auto transport services is whether to choose an enclosed auto transport service or regular open auto transport. The standard, cheaper option is open car transport, where vehicles are loaded onto an open multicar tractor trailer or a flatbed. While millions of vehicles both new and used are transported safely across the country this way every year, these vehicles are exposed to the elements during transport.

    As the name suggests, enclosed car shipping puts your car in an enclosed –rather than an open – trailer for the duration of the journey. Naturally, an enclosed auto shipping option is more expensive than standard open car transport, but it also provides additional protection against the elements. Enclosed car transport protects your car from exposure to dust, rain, gravel and other grime that may affect your car, allowing you complete peace of mind during the transport process.


    When Should I Choose Enclosed Car Shipping?

    Choosing the right car transport option for you and your vehicle is a matter of considering factors such as your delivery time line, your budget, as well as any specific concerns you have with your vehicle being exposed to the elements during open air transport. But before you can make the right choice, it’s important to understand the benefits of enclosed car shipping so you can make an informed decision on whether the service justifies the additional cost.

    Classic & Exotic Car Transport
    As you probably know, even slight scratches or chips on collectible, vintage, or rare high-end exotics can significantly damage their value. While the actual chance of damage occuring on an open hauler are very low, the financial loss that can occur with damage to a high-end vehicle may make the added cost of enclosed transport worthwhile.

    While enclosed car shipping is highly recommended for those looking to transport high-end exotic cars, luxury cars, classic automobiles, show cars, as well as low clearance vehicles, enclosed car shipping is suitable for anyone looking to give their car extra protection while it’s on the road. For your high value exotic, luxury or classic auto transport needs, we also highly recommend a choosing a non-stacking trailer. With multi-level trailers, there is always the potential for oil and grime from cars sitting on the upper deck to drip and cause damage to the paint.

    Another benefit of enclosed car shipping is that enclosed vehicle shipping trailers often hold fewer cars than their open counterparts. Fewer cars being shipped at a time, means fewer cars being loaded and unloaded along the way, means a lower risk of damage during loading and offloading. And while all good auto transport companies will ensure that their drivers take special care in loading and offloading vehicles, drivers of enclosed haulers are used to working with high value cars that require special car, whether that means using lift-gates to load your car or special ties to ensure that the surface of your classic vehicle remains unharmed.

    If you’re wondering if enclosed vehicle transport is right for your vehicle, delivery time-line, and budget, feel free to give our knowledgeable representatives a call at 1-888-506-0565. Our professional staff is more than ready to assist you with any special needs or specific concerns you may have with transporting your high-value vehicle. You can also get a quick quote on our enclosed vehicle transport services by filling out the form at the top of the page.

    Enclosed Car Shipping Prices
    While there are significant benefits to choosing enclosed car shipping, there is also an additional premium that comes with the added service. Depending on a variety of factors, enclosed car shipping can cost approximately 50% more than regular open shipping. That could be a price difference of on average, $300-700$, but for a specific price for your delivery needs, you can get an enclosed auto transport quote here from us by filling out our easy to use quote form. But for cars that will suffer significant depreciation with scratches and chips or owners that like to go the extra mile when it comes to car care, it may be the only reasonable option.

    At All State Worldwide we want our customers to have as much information as possible before making their car transport decisions. If your car is of high value, we highly recommend using enclosed trailers. As was previously mentioned, plenty of people also choose to ship their non-luxury cars with enclosed auto transporters despite the added cost, in exchange for the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your car will be delivered in pristine condition at its final destination.

    However, here are a few reasons you may want to consider sticking with open transport, particularly if your car isn’t a rare exotic or collectible classic vehicle.

    - Even with open car transport, putting your car on the top deck can eliminate the chances of damage due to fluids leaking from other cars.

    - The actual chances of the car being damaged are rather small. In fact, the chances of damage occurring during open air transport are still minimal compared to actually driving your vehicle.

    - Open car transport is significantly cheaper than most enclosed auto transport options.

    If you’re uncertain whether enclosed car transport is right for you, feel free to give us a call at 1-888-506-0565. Our professional staff here at All State Worldwide can help you decide if our enclosed auto transport services are suitable for your needs. We’re confident that our competitive pricing, high level of service and the extreme care we take in handling your vehicle exceeds that of other Enclosed auto transport companies. So why don’t you get an enclosed auto transport quote today? We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with all your car shipping needs.