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    Get free auto transport quotes from ASWD

    Most customers feel that the best way to find out how much it costs to ship a car is to request auto transport quotes from reliable car transport services and compare their pricing.

    While this is largely true, it’s also very important for the customer to know and understand exactly what the quoted auto shipping rates include. There are a lot of ways that shady, dishonest, or neglectful auto transport companies use to offer cheap car shipping quotes, while at the same time cutting corners and withholding important terms and conditions from their customers. Unfortunately if you don’t do the appropriate due diligence, you’ll only discover these hidden surprises after you’ve paid your deposit, been waiting months after the promised deadline for your vehicle, or worst of all, after your car was damaged in transit.

    By asking auto transport companies the right questions upfront, you can avoid any unpleasant surprises and get affordable, reliable service that will deliver your car quickly and safely from point A to point B.

    Questions To Ask When Receiving Car Shipping Quotes

    We understand that if you’re unfamiliar with the auto transport process, it can be hard to know how to ask the right questions. Below are a few of the critical questions you’ll want to ask when requesting a car shipping quote.

    Is The Auto Transport Service Insured And Bonded?
    Although the chances of damage occurring during transport are extremely rare, with millions of cars being moved across the country and shipped overseas every year, the reality is that accidents during transit do occur on occasion. When damage does occur, you’ll want to ensure that your auto transporter is carrying insurance that will compensate you for the damage.

    In the United States, all car shipping companies are required to carry liability as well as cargo insurance. Any auto transporters failing to do so are operating illegally. Many of these illegal auto transport companies can offer “too good to be true” auto transport quotes, but are operating illegally and will not cover your vehicle in the event of damage. Even if you’re willing to take your chances with an uninsured auto transport company in exchange for a lower shipping rate, if they’re willing to break the law and risk your property in order to save a few bucks, you have to wonder what other corners such a company would cut.

    In addition to verifying that your auto transport service is licensed and insured, it’s also important to understand the terms of the insurance, how much it covers, and any conditions that must be fulfilled to file a claim. At All State Worldwide, all vehicles are insured for their full Kelly Blue Book value. Upon pick-up, the driver will do a full condition report with you, which you will sign. For more information about All State Worldwide insurance coverage, feel free to contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff at 1-888-506-0565.


    Does The Auto Transport Service Include Door-to-Door Pickup and Drop Off?
    Allstate worldwide offers pickup and delivery from an accessible location near you. Unfortunately due to narrow streets, low hanging wires, as well as bylaws in some municipalities, our 75ft trucks often cannot enter residential areas to pick-up your car. However, we are more than happy to arrange pickup and delivery at a location that is accessible and convenient for you, such as a nearby parking lot.

    Some car shipping companies only ship cars from fixed pickup and drop-off terminals. Not only does that mean that you would have to arrange for transportation to and from the pickup and drop-off points (without your vehicle), it also likely means that your vehicle will be sitting in an outdoor lot until a full shipment can be arranged. Because door-to-door services pickup and drop-off vehicles along the way, this type of auto transport service doesn’t force your car to sit in a lot – exposed to the elements – while the auto transport company consolidates their shipment.

    Can Your Auto Transport Service Guarantee Shipping Times?
    Be extremely wary of companies that claim they can guarantee shipping times. There is simply no way to guarantee specific delivery times with 100% certainty when there are so many factors affecting delivery times including scheduling issues, weather conditions, road conditions, mechanical function, DOT regulation as well as a host of other factors that may alter delivery timeframes unexpectedly.

    The correct answer is that because both national and international car shipping revolves around the routing and scheduling of trucks and ships that can be affected by so many factors, it is virtually impossible to offer 100% guarantees on pickup or delivery times. However, what a good car shipping company will offer is full transparency and disclosure, solid customer service that keeps you informed, and 100% effort in working with you to arrange for pickup and delivery times that fit your time frame.

    While All States Worldwide cannot guarantee specific delivery time-frames, we will work with you to ensure quick and reliable delivery, and our professional and knowledgeable staff are available toll-free at 1-888-506-0656 in order to address any questions or concerns you may have. Be wary of any company that claims they can guarantee delivery times.

    If you want to obtain an affordable car shipping quote from an experienced company with a friendly and knowledgeable staff who will treat your vehicle and concerns as if they were their own, you can request an auto transport quote from our form at the top of the page. With just a little bit of information from you, we can find you car shipping rates we’re certain you will be extremely happy with.